[Yandina 5 Day Old Swarm]


Bee Swarm Removal from Yandina, Sunshine Coast

The swarms keep coming, this one turned up 5 weeks before spring!

This European honey bee swarm was hanging in a dead finger lime tree for the past 5 days so no doubt was starting to run very low on stores. Prior to swarming, the colony gorges on honey from the parent hive so that they are well stocked to start building comb when they get to their new home. This swarm probably would not have made it if we had not stepped in as we are still having very cold nights and they really should have found a new home after 5 days.

The choice of a new home is critical. The swarm needs to choose quickly as any delay will deplete the swarm's resources and increase the chance of predation or being washed away by rain.

We usually shake the swarm on the spot and find the queen, cage her and collect the hive after dark. This job was about an hour away so this time we decided to carefully cut the branch, put the swarm, branch and all into a box and do the queen-finding when we got back to our quarantine apiary.

The queen is pretty small and took a bit of spotting. Swarm queens are usually slimmed down prior to swarming so that they aren’t too heavy to fly.

We will feed this colony up on sugar syrup so that they can regain their energy and start the task of building comb for the queen to start laying into.

Thanks Haley for calling us in to do this bee swarm removal and save these bees.