[Yandina 15,000 Bees in the Robe]


Beehive Removal from Yandina, Sunshine Coast

Bees love those brick weep holes and as far as this bee hive removal on the Sunshine Coast goes, this was no different. This colony had found a cosy spot under the walk-in robe at this Yandina home. They had been there for about 4 or 5 weeks judging by the brood in the nest. There were two options for this bee hive removal, either cut into the ceiling from the room downstairs or cut into the floor from above. As this property is being renovated it was an easy decision to work from above, inside the robe.

This is the second job in a row where I have managed to suck the queen into the vacuum box and it is always a relief to find her as she is the magnet that ensures the rest of the colony will follow her into the catch box.

Thank you to Kate from Yandina Realty for calling us in to remove this bees hive and save the bees.

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WARNING: Before you go out and start blocking up the weep holes ar**ound your house, please be aware that they serve an important purpose. Here is some additional information.