[Sunrise Beach Ceiling]


Beehive Removal from Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Coast

Bees have a habit of finding the little flaws in our buildings and in this case a hole left after an air conditioner was decommissioned created the perfect entry point into the ceiling space between the upper and lower floors of this property in Sunrise Beach just south of Noosa.

The colony had wasted no time in setting up home and had proceeded to build their comb among a bunch of wires and pipes, just to make the job a little more tricky. Judging by the brood comb this beehive had been present for about 2 months.

The temperament of every hive is a bit different and this colony was less friendly than a lot I have had to deal with recently, forcing me to don the veil for most of the job. Despite my best efforts I managed to vacuum up the queen but fortunately the bees settled down and were completely calm when I opened the vacuum box to find the queen.

Thank you Emma from Ray White Peregian for calling us in to do this bee hive removal and save these bees.

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