[Red Cedar Bees]


Beehive Removal from Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast

Bees love Western Red Cedar clad homes not just brick veneer buildings. Over time, the timber shrinks and the knots tend to fall out leaving a perfect entry point for swarms.

This colony had been living in this Palmwoods home for about 4 months and had made quite a large hive. There was surprising little honey in this hive, maybe 10kg at most, but it was packed with pollen, the essential protein source for feeding young bees and population growth within the hive.

When a hive grows to this size the only safe way to remove it is but physically cutting it out. The process does invlove some deconstruction of the wall sheeting in order to fully expose the nest but this will ensure a fully successful job and allow remediation work that should prevent future infestation.

Thank you Hunter and Ken for calling us in to do this beehive removal.

Here are a few couple of other examples of bees getting into Western Red Cedar buildings:

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