[Palmwoods Ceiling Hive Removal]


Beehive Removal from Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast

Wow, what a build-up. Here is another great example of how quickly bees are building up at this time of the year. Yesterday I removed this hive from the ceiling of a Palmwoods home. It had moved in about a week ago and already it had built a substantial amount of comb and was packing away the nectar. There was 6.3kg of nectar removed, so these girls were averaging nearly a kilogram a day; imagine if they were left another couple of months!

Before bees swarm off to find a new home they gorge on honey from the parent hive. This is so they will have plenty of energy and stores to start making wax when they move in. In the first few days there is a frenzy of comb building which they need for packing away the stores of honey and pollen and also so the queen can get to work laying and increasing the population of the new hive. I captured the queen right where I expected to find her, right in the middle of the nest. I was able to work from either side of the nest making sure she couldn’t make a run for it. On other jobs this isn’t possible and she will keep moving away from the action right to the very last piece of comb. Once captured, the job becomes a lot easier as there is no concern that she will get sucked into the vacuum box.

The second part of the video show me releasing the bees from the vacuum box so they can return to the original hive entry where I placed the queen in a capture box. I only use this method if there is at least a couple of hours before sunset which gives all of the bees time to realise the change of circumstance and move into the box with the queen before I take them all away on dark.

Thank you to Bryan and Denise from New Security Installations for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save these bees.