[Huge Beehive Removed from Bedroom]

This 2 month old beehive was growing bigger day by day.

This beehive removal from a property at Mountain Creek on the Sunshine Coast is another case of bees entering through the weep holes of a brick veneer house to set up home.  When the swarm enters through the weep holes they migrate up to the first nog in the stud space to attach their comb. 

It is amazing how often I see colonies, not only entering the weep holes, but doing so under a window and starting to build their comb from the underside of the window ledge. 

Why do bees build under windows?

My theory as to why this is so common is that the bees will have checked out all of the other cavities, via the weep holes, but prefer the cavities that don’t require a huge distance to travel up inside the wall to start to build their comb. Here are some other examples:

The cavity between the bricks and the gyprock wall lining is usually perfect for bees to build four layers of comb when they build parallel to the bricks.  Sometimes they will build their comb perpendicular to the brick work in long thin sheets, other times the comb will be on an angle.  

In this case the foil-backed building paper had prevented them building the forth comb, however over time they would have chewed up the paper to make the extra space. Bees are amazingly industrious and will chew trough plasterboard, enlarge holes by chewing away timber and clear out fibreglass insulation from ceiling spaces. Once the stud space was completely filled they would then move to the next stud space and start to fill that one out as well, usually with their honey stores.  

I often encounter home owners who are given the false information that if left alone that the bees will eventually leave.  This is not the case and even in the rare case that a hive might die out due to a situation where the queen dies and the colony is unable to re-queen, the old hive will soon attract another swarm of bees because the old hive will still be full of the smells that attracts scout bees - bees attract bees.

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