[Bees in the Smallest Room]

Beehive removed from Maroochydore Toilet

No red back spiders under the dunny seat here, but yes we have bees.

This little colony of bees found themselves in the wall of the smallest room in the house at this Maroochydore property. It made for a tight work space so I’m pleased we got in before the beehive got too large. From little things, big things grow.

It’s not the first time that this unit complex has had a bee hive in the wall and probably won’t be the last. It’s amazing how often I see places that seem to be a bit of a target for bees. Typically it’s another brick veneer building, probably a home of choice for bees. 

This colony will take a while to build up, so it’s off to our quarantine apiary for the next 12 months while we see if it will develop into a decent honey producing hive.

Thank you Julieanne from Pesky Possum for calling us in to do this beehive removal and to save these bees.

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