[Mapelton Swarm Cut-out]


Bee Swarm Removal from Mapelton, Sunshine Coast

Today I was at a home in Mapelton removing a recent swarm of bees from a brick cavity home, once again the bees entered via a weep hole and it’s amazing how often they move in under a window.

One of the pleasures of doing bee hive removals on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane is meeting wonderful people who are genuinely interested in saving bees. I find that many clients become so intrigued that they end up watching the whole removal process and get to ask lots of interesting questions along the way (luckily I never get tired of talking about bees!). It’s great to see them become quite relaxed around the bees and eagerly get closer and closer to take photos and see what’s going on. It can only be a good thing to have more people have a greater understanding and interest in bees.

This colony moved in at 2pm on Monday so had only been in the wall 3 days, yet had made a good deal of comb and the queen had been laying well. In this case the comb was too fragile to save so I’ll be treating this colony as a swarm but will be able to feed the nectar I retrieved back to them.

Thank you to Paula and Sue for calling us in to do this bee hive removal and to save the bees.