[Maleny Royal Visit]


Beehive Removal from Maleny, Sunshine Coast

It was nice to being doing a job just 3km from home today, removing a bee hive from one of the small cabins behind Peace of Green in the main street of Maleny.

I had done a trap-out from this exact spot 2 years ago and I guess this highlights the main pitfall of doing a trap out; if bees can find their way back in they inevitably will. When you do a trap-out, the bees are removed but all of the comb is left behind and more crucially the space is still filled with the scent on the old colony which is a huge attractant for other swarms. The only long term solution is to physically cut-out the hive and fill the space with insulation so bees have no space to start another hive.

This hive was just 50m from the Maleny IGA where we sell our honey. With any luck, this rescued colony will be making honey in a few months which will be in the shelves of the IGA.

Thanks David for giving us a call to do this bee hive removal and save these bees.

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