Our Honey

Our seasonal honey comes from the biodiverse rainforests, sclerophyll forests, orchards and gardens of Maleny and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Our honey is prepared without additives and is free of chemicals or heat treatment and retains all the beneficial properties of 100% pure natural raw honey.

Our fixed-location apiaries uses small-scale, eco-conscious production. We currently have six main apiary sites located in Dulong, Montville, Bald Knob, North Maleny, Maleny and Reesville. Because we do not use migratory beekeeping methods our honey is of mixed floral origin depending upon the season and local conditions where it was produced.

You can find our honey at the Maleny IGA and Sweets on Maple.


“I recently travelled to Maleny IGA store and bought some beautiful honey. 1st was Raw Honey from [another supplier] and your Maleny Honey... [it was your] Beautiful honey which left a soft and lingering taste in my 73 year old mouth. Mmmmmm!”
- Chris Lovett