[Golden Beach Cut-out 2]


Beehive Removal from Golden Beach, Caloundra

More bees through the weep holes of a brick veneer home, this time in Caloundra at Golden Beach. This is the most typical of situations, the colony comes in through a low weep hole under a window and precedes to build their comb from the under side of the sill.

What was less typical in this bee hive removal was that the bees started building comb perpendicular to the wall and consequently the comb was in long thin strips. For some reason I find it more common for bees to build parallel to the wall. When they build in that configuration they can get 3 sheets of comb into the space which also allows them natural “bee-space” between each comb section. Bee-space the the space required for bees to work back-to-back, so about 9mm.

"Bee space" is a term that is given to a gap that bees create in a natural nest to enable them to pass freely around their nest...there are two distinct bands of possible bee space and these occur because in some situations the bees will work individually, but in other situations they need to be able to work back to back.

Thank you to Lorraine for helping us save the bees and Steve from Bee Positive, Yandina for the referral to do this bee hive removal.

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