[Golden Beach Cut-out]


Bee Colony Removal from Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast

We removed this bee hive from the ceiling of a house in Golden Beach, Caloundra.

This colony moved in about 4 or 5 weeks ago with the first brood only just starting to hatch. There was barely any honey or pollen but relatively heaps of brood so this colony, without any stores, was living day-to-day. Luckily for them there is so much in flower at the moment it will not take them long to get the balance right.

Because the owners were quick to call us in to remove this hive it was a pretty straight forward removal with only a small section of the ceiling needing to be removed. Left there until the end of summer this hive would probably have grown 10 to 20 times this size it is now.

Thanks Cameron and Katie for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save these bees.