[Glenview SCR Office Cut-out]


Bee Swarm Removal from Glenview, Sunshine Coast

SCR Property is somewhat of a landmark on the Steve Irwin Way at Glenview. I was called in to remove a beehive that had been in the wall only 3 days … and look what they had done in just 72 hours, amazing!

The back story to this started on Wednesday when I got a call about a swarm that was on the outside of the office wall but by the time I could do anything about removing them it appeared that they had moved on. The problem was that that there were still quite a few bees hanging around, which can happen after a swarm has departed and left some stragglers behind lingering around the spot where the queen has left the strong scent of her pheromones.

Bees hanging around can also be a sign of scouting behaviour. This occurs just before a hive swarms or after they have already swarmed when the colony sends out scout bee to find a new home, usually a hollow tree or a cavity in a building.

Nest scouts make up less than 5% of the population of a swarm ... [and] ... search independently for potential nesting cavities and collectively choose the best one, whereas non-scout swarm members rely on information from scouts to guide them to their new home (Seeley 2010).

Thursday morning and I got another call to say the bees were still there and they were pretty intense, which is probably not so good for business. I was off on another cut-out job so couldn’t attend, but Friday, by chance, I was driving by the office and thought I’d drop in to see how they got along. Sure enough there were still heaps of bees and it was pretty obvious that these weren’t just stragglers and that there was a hive in the building. Another beekeeper had visited earlier and advised that there was no hive and to call in the exterminator to deal with what bees were there!!

Fortunately with just 2 hours to spare before the exterminator arrived we were able to use our infra-red camera to identify the location and the considerable size of this hive and save it from destruction. Thanks to Bronwen and Ben from SCR Property for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save these bees. Thanks also to Bronwen for her handy camera work.