[Dulong Bees Behind the Coro]


Beehive Removal from Dulong, Sunshine Coast

The rain and showers keep coming on the Sunshine Coast but I managed to slip in this bee hive removal a couple of days ago from a home at Dulong.

It’s amazing to see what lengths bees will go to finding a new home. These bees were entering a gap in the custom orb sheeting at the corner of the wall, crawling about a metre along the corrugated rib and into a hole in the bracing ply. It must have taken the bees some pretty intrepid exploration to find this spot!

I would estimate that this colony moved in about 4 weeks ago judging by the amount of capped brood. There wasn’t too much honey, but the colony has probably been dipping into their stores over the past week or so with all of the constant rain which not only washes away the nectar from the flowers but also prevents the foragers going out to work.

Thank you to Chris from Remax Buderim for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save these bees.