[Cooroy Swarm Shake]


Bee Swarm Removal on the Sunshine Coast

I am dealing with swarms and bee removals on a daily basis as we hit peak bee swarming season.

There are a few common methods used to capture swarms but my favourite is to shake them onto a white sheet and make them march up into the box. The queen will march up there too but I always prefer to find her and put her in a queen clip inside the box. This really makes the job fool-proof and hastens the process. As the swarm will never leave the queen, they will move into the box whether they like it or not.

This swarm was interesting. It happened in one of my clients apiaries at Cooroy (I had actually turned up to harvest some honey, not catch a swarm). Once I had a large proportion of the swarm in the box I moved it up to a hive stand and shook the remaining bees off the sheet. Some of them flew to the swarm box, but another good portion flew back to the parent hive. Seems to be a reasonable method to find out what hive the swarm had originated from.

For more information, check out this article on SWARMING BEHAVIOR in Bee Culture Magazine by Clarence Collison