[Cooroy Bees in the Bedroom]


Beehive Removal from Cooroy, Sunshine Coast

We were called to a home in Cooroy that was experiencing intense bee scouting behaviour. Bees were entering the house through the weep-holes in the brick work and could be heard all throughout the ceiling space between the upper and lower floors. They were falling out through the light fittings and getting trapped inside.

Amazingly, what we discovered was a completely unrelated beehive in another wall of the house.

Bees do seem to attract other bees and I’m sure the existing hive was attracting scout bees from another colony on the verge of swarming. There can bee hundreds of scout bees from one colony and it takes a bit of experience to tell the difference between scouting activity and an established hive when they are entering the cavity of a building.

After removing the beehive from the bedroom wall there was another 3 days of heightened scouting activity from the other bees (confirming that they were not scouts from the hive we removed) and then the activity stopped completely with not a bee in sight. Evidently the scouts had found an alternative home and moved there, abandoning their exploration of this house.

Thank you to Mick and Brad for calling us in to remove this beehive and save the bees. An extra big thank you to Cooroy Pest Control for referring us.