[Castaways Beach Bees Under the Floor]


Beehive Removal from Castaways Beach, Sunshine Coast

Earlier this week I was called to a beautiful location at Castaways Beach where a colony of bees had moved in as unwelcome guests of this holiday home. With a lap pool, ocean views and surrounded by the Noosa National Park, who could blame them.

As these bees had moved into the ceiling space between the upper and lower I would usually remove a bee hive like this through the plaster ceiling from below as repairing plaster is generally reasonably inexpensive. In this case however the bees had moved in below a built-in wardrobe which partially cantilevered outside the room so the only practical way of accessing them was through the floor. Luckily the cut could be made inside the robe and will barely be noticeable once the boards are nailed back down.

The hive had only been there about a month or so but had made quite a lot of honey which was packed into some very fragile comb, consequently that made for some delicate work.

Thank you Deb from HolidayHomes@Noosa for calling us in to do this bee hive removal and save these bees.

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