[Caloundra 20,000 Bees Under the Deck]


Bee Swarm Removal from Sunrise Beach, Sunshine Coast

Honey bees looking for a cosy warm dry place to live ended up under this veranda in West Caloundra.

This swarm of bees moved in only 2 days earlier, the owners had seen a cluster of bees the size of a basket ball on the side of their house. What was a planned swarm removal turned out to be a cut-out bee hive removal.

It’s always amazing to see how much comb a new swarm can build in just a few days. Considering this was just 2 days work for these girls, imagine what they could achieve in another couple of weeks!

When I arrived back at the job at night fall to remove the hive box I discovered that there were way too many bees to fit inside the 5-frame box. Even when I transferred them to an 8-frame box, that too was bursting at the seams with bees, but they did squeeze in and made it safely home to our quarantine apiary.

Thanks Roseanne and Stephen for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save these bees.