[Black Mountain Bees in the Airbnb]


Beehive Removal from Black Mountain, Sunshine Coast

For the second time in 5 days I was removing a beehive from an Airbnb, this time from a Black Mountain cottage on the Sunshine Coast.

It was the first beehive removal in a while that I got to work from the outside of the building, removing the weather boards to expose the colony. These bees were getting in through a knot-hole in the western red cedar cladding and had made quite a start on building some pretty impressive comb.

The comb was very fresh, white and fragile and contained quite a lot of nectar making it heavy and really tricky to handle without breaking. Judging by the comb I would estimate that this colony had been in the wall for only about a week or so despite the amount that they had managed to build. Some of the comb was already half a metre long and they had not plans on stopping there.

Thank you to Richie for calling us in to do this beehive removal and save the bees.